2015 – Mervyn Wilson

Mervyn Wilson delivered the 2015 lecture “Co-operative Education Past, Present and Future”

2012 – Dr Rachael Vorberg-Rugh

Dr Rachael Vorberg-Rugh delivered the 2012 lecture. The title of this lecture was:“The Unit of the Co-operative Movement is a Woman – Putting Women at the Heart of British Co-operative History”.

2013 – Ian Snaith

Ian Snaith delivered the 2013 lecture: “Local, Loved and Trusted…..with Legal Support”. You can view the slides from the lecture, and read more about it from Ian’s website.

2019 – Ed Mayo

Ed Mayo delivered the 2018 lecture on the topic of ‘Acts of co-operation’

2018 – Dr Cilla Ross

Dr Cilla Ross delivers the UK Society for Co-operative Studies 2018 Annual Lecture: rethinking co-operative education in new times.