Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 45 No 3 (No 136) Winter 2012


Peer -reviewed papers

Liezel Alsemgeest and A v A Smit - Wearing Two Hats – the Conflict Between Being an Agricultural Business Customer and Shareholder, pp. 5-16 -  Full Text          

Benigno Rodríguez Padrón, Ruerd Ruben and Kees Burger - The Driving Forces and Economic Impact of Co-operative Membership: Empirical Evidence from the Mexican Coffee Sector, pp. 17-31 - Full text

Jennifer Meyer-Ueding - Improving Autonomy in Indian Co‑operatives — the Hyderabad Experience, pp. 32-42 - Full text


Short Papers

 Ian Snaith -The Study Group on European Cooperative Law (SGECOL): A new Scholarly Initiative, pp 43-47 - Full text 

Alun Burge -  Individual Problems Have Collective Solutions: Looking Back Towards a Welsh Co-operative Future? pp. 48-54 - Full text

Molly Scott Cato - Welsh Co-operative and Mutuals Commission Call for Evidence, p. 54 - Full text

Book reviews - Full text

Hans Münkner: Empire and Co-operation - how the British Empire used co-operatives in its development strategies 1900-1970, by Rita Rhodes, pp. 55-58

Martin Large: The Poor Had No Lawyers: Who Owns Scotland and How They Got It, by Andy Wightman, pp. 58-60

Molly Scott-Cato: Co-operation: A Post-war Opportunity Missed? By Alun Burge, pp. 60-61

Gabrielle Ullrich: Economic and Other Benefits of the Entrepreneurs’ Co-operative as a Specific Form of Enterprise Cluster, by Nicole Göler von Ravensburg pp. 62-4