Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 45 No 2 (No 135) Autumn 2012


Peer -reviewed papers

Louis Beaubien and Daphne Rixon - Key Performance Indicators in Co‑operatives: Directions and Principles, pp. 5-16 -  Full Text          

Rebecca Boden, Penelope Ciancanelli and Susan Wright - Trust Universities? Governance for Post‑Capitalist Futures, pp. 16-24 - Full text

Sanjib Bhuyan - An Analysis of Dairy Farmer Participation in Co-operatives in the Northeast United States , pp. 25-41 - Full text

Mitch Diamantopoulos - The Developmental Movement Model: A Contribution to the Social Movement Approach to Co-operative Development, pp 42-56 - Full text


Short Papers

Gregory M Sheen​  - Financial Capability and Psychological Well-Being. A Cluster Analysis of Credit Union Members, pp 57-61 - Full text 


Book reviews - Full text

Robin Murray: The Road to Co-operation, By Gordon Pearson, pp. 62-3

Rory Ridley-Duff: Democratic Enterprise: Ethical Business for the 21st Century, by Diarmuid McDonnell, Elizabeth MacKnight and Hugh Donnelly, pp. 63-4

Nick Matthews: Towards Contemporary Co-operative Studies: Perspectives from Japan’s Consumer Co-ops. The Consumer Co-operative Institute of Japan, pp. 64-7

Chris Hart: Co-operative Societies in North Lancashire and South Cumbria, by Robin Martakies, pp. 67-8