Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 49 No 1 (no 146) Summer


Table of Contents - Summer 2016 49(1)

Thomas Gray - A meta-analysis of member satisfaction studies of US Dairy co-operatives, pp 5-19

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Aries Heru Praseyto, Ariana Chang, and Wei Lo - Beyond effective knowledge networks: The case of Indonesian credit unions, pp. 30-32

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Short Papers

Steve Thompson - Co-operation in Yorkshire, UK: Sheffield Co-operative Development Group (SCDG); pp  33-35: Full text

Book reviews  

Gerald Doyle: Co-operatives confront capitalism: Changing the neo-liberal economy, by Peter Ranis pp. 36-38 : Full text

Dan Crowe: Understanding social enterprise: Theory and practice, by Rory Ridley-Duff and Mike Ball pp. 39-43 : Full text