Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 48 no 3 (No 145) Winter


Table of Contents - Winter, 2015 48(3)

Caroline Shenaz Hossein - Black woman as co-operators: Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCAs) in the Caribbean and Canada, pp 7-18

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Unish Sengupta - The intersection of race and gender in leadership of co-operatives: Of whom, by whom and for whom?, pp. 19-28

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Short Papers

Linda Shaw - Taking stock - researching women and co-operatives; pp 39-31: Full text

Gillian Lonergan and Jan Myers - Women co-operators, pp  32-37, Full text


Book reviews - pp 43-50

Jan Myers: Advancing gender equality: the co-operative way by Lisa Schincariol McMurtry and JJ McMurtry, p.38-39 : Full text

John Goodman: All our own work: The co-operative pioneers of Hebden Bridge and their mill, by Andrew Bibby, pp 40-48: Full text