50th Anniversary Conference 2017

UKSCS 50th Anniversary conference, 2017 : The Co-operative Common Wealth


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Friday 1 September 2017: Doctoral colloquium/ UKSCS Annual General meeting

Saturday 2- Sunday 3 September: main conference

Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 2SW

This anniversary conference looks at the broad concept of ‘common wealth’, which requires re-thinking about ownership, control and management of ‘public’ goods and services. So, can co-operatives and multi-stakeholder owned and managed enterprises continue to provide a ‘public’ alternative to the McDonaldization and Uber-ization of society? To create common wealth? A ‘shared society’? Can they influence business practice to promote and showcase sustainable and responsible enterprise? Does working co-operatively make for more meaningful jobs and lives?

These are some of the questions we can explore and we invite you to contribute by coming along to discuss these and other common wealth themes.