Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 47 No 1 (No 140)


Table of Contents - Summer, 2014 47(1)

This special edition contains a tribute to Ian MacPerson, a long time champion of the global co-operative movement who died on 16 November 2013: TRIBUTE

Guest editors are: Isobel Findlay, Ana Peredo and Fiona Duguid

Luc Audebrand and Marie-Claire Malo - And Philosophy for all! A multi-stakeholder co-operative's quest to disseminate the practice of 'communities of inquiry', pp 9-24

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Judith Harris and Jacqueline McLoed Rogers - Partnering to build a social co-operative for aboriginal women transitioning from prison, pp  25-38

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Mitch Diamantopoulous - On breaking a wild young colt: Associative intelligence, alternative journalism and the cultural mutualisation of the Canadian Prairies; pp 39-55

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Luc Thériault - Exploring 50 years of Canadian theses on co-operatives, pp 56-70

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Short Papers

Donna Balkan - Co-op identity 2:0: Do websites of Canadian  co-operatives reflect the co-op difference? pp 71-80: Full text 

Simon Berge and Wayne Caldwell - Co-operatives in the Ontario, Canada, local food system: Promoting food skills and community development pp 81-90: Full text 

Ana Maria Paredo - Canadian co-operative and credit union movement in Canada: The unfolding story, pp. 91-100; Full text