Vol 47 No 3 (no 142) Winter


Table of Contents - Winter, 2014 47(3)

Santanu Sarkar and Abhijit Ghosh - Functional barriers to workers' co-operatives in getting off the ground: Synthesis of a failed case in India; pp 6-18

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Spencer Thompson - Is the Mondragón co-operative experience a cultural exception? The application of the Mondragón model in Valencia and beyond; pp 19-33

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Leisel Alsemgeest - Satisfaction towards management as a means to influence customer satisfaction -The case of a South African farmer-controlled business; pp 34-44

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Short Papers

Nick Matthews - The forward march of co-operation halted; pp 45-49: Full text 

Jane Eastham - Producer organisations - the way forward? pp 50-54: full text 

Book reviews

Stephen Yeo: William Hazell's Gleaming Vision: Co-operative life in South Wales by Alan Burge; pp 55-58

Frédéric Dufays: Capital and the debt trap: learning from co-operatives in the global crisis by C Sanchex Bajo & R Roelants; pp 59-60