Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 51 No 2 (no 153) Autumn

Guest Editorial - Skills for co-operators in the 21st century: learning to do, learning to be - Amanda Benson, Cilla Ross and Sarah Alldred, Co-operative College, UK

Table of Contents - Summer 2018 Vol 51 (no 2)

David Davies and James Nyland - critical thinking for an engaged university, pp 5-18

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Marie Huxtable and Jack Whitehead - Living co-operative values in educational contexts, pp. 19-28

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Rosidah Rashid and Nasibah Ahmad - The involvement of youth in top management of co-operatives, pp. 29-36

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Short Papers 

Tony Webster and Olga Kuznetsova - Harnessing research for a 21st century co-operative movement: Introducing the Co-operative Early Researchers Network, pp  37-42, Full text

Alex Bird - Working together - the push back from co-operatives and trade unions starts here, pp 43-54, Full text

Stephen McCusker - Learning through architecture and successful capital projects in the post-capitalist economy of Northern England pp 55-62, Full text

Colin Waugh - How the co-operaive movement can chnage further and higher education for the better, pp 63-66, Full text

Katarzyna Gajewska - practices and skills for self-governed communal life and work: lessons for co-operators for one US and one German egalitarian community, pp 67-72, Full text