Unlocking co-ops - 2019

Unlocking co-ops: revealing the hidden potential 

What research is being done on co-operatives? Why and How? What are we learning? What research needs to be done in the future? What research should a co-operative university be doing? How can we make co-operatives really change the world?

Please Save the Date if you are interested in anything to do with co-ops, the social solidarity economy and the questions above.  We need you to share your ideas so that together we can unlock and reveal the immense power of the co-operative alternative.

What? An action research and practice day for those wanting to pitch their ideas, and/or participate in discussing ideas for future research. Prizes for the best research ideas voted on by all participants. 

When? 4th April 2019, 11am-4.30pm 

Where? Angel Square, Manchester

Who for? People who are interested in, or work with, co-ops or the wider social solidarity economy.


This is a joint UKSCS and Co-operative College event.