Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 50 No 2 (no 150) Autumn

Creating Affordable Financial Services from the Bottom Up: The Role of Community Finance in Achieving Healthy, Just, and Sustainable Cities

Paul A. Jones, pp 7-18

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Prospect of Rural Co-operative Tourism Development in North East India: Case of Sikkim

Supriya Dam, pp. 19-28

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Asset-Based Co-operative Management: OPERA as a Process of Critical Appreciation

Rory Ridley-Duff and Suzanne Grant, pp. 29-44

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The role of co-operatives in promoting powet projects in India

G.S. Nalini and P. Natarajan, pp. 45-53

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Short Papers

Co-operative Led Contract Farming in India: a Case Study of Amul

Sazzad Parwez, pp. 54-59

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Book Reviews

Omnia Sunt Communia — On the Commons and the Transformation to Post Capitalism By Massimo De Angelis

Pat Conaty, pp. 60

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The New Enlightenment: A Twenty-First Century Peaceful American Revolution, By Robert Bivona

Thomas W. Gray, pp. 63

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