Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 50 No 1 (no 149) Summer

Guest Editorial

Special edition: Co-operative College Co-operative Education & Research Conference 2017

Learning in, from and for co-operative life in Malta

Mario Cardona, pp. 5-16

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Making the co-operative school a challenge alternative: Social reproduction theory revisited

David l. Backer, pp. 17-27

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mall is beautiful? Exploring the challenges faced by trade union supported credit unions

Anita Mangan and Steve French, pp. 28-39

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Short Papers

Confessions and reputations

Chris Dankwa, pp. 40-42

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The development of a women's economy in North Syria

Jo Taylor, pp. 43-46

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Home care - a systems thinking alternative

Mandy Tilston-Viney and Adrian Roper, pp. 47-50

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ransforming a social care charity into a multistakeholder co-operative: some insights from Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative

Adrian Roper, pp. 51-54

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Book Reviews

Making co-operative promoters - 40 years ICDC: report on the degree course in Co-operative economics and the Institute for co-operation in Developing Countries, by Hans H Münkner

John Maddocks, pp. 55

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