Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 49 No 2 (no 147) Autumn


Special edition - Co-operative Education

Learning together? The Co-operative Union, the Workers' Educational Association and the National Council of Labour Colleges, 1918-1939

Pushpa Kumbhat, pp. 5-20

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Repositioning the student voice in school: The process of 'becoming co-operative'

Deborah Ralls, pp. 21-29

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Learning together: Foucault, Sennett and the crisis of the 'co-operative character'

Keith Crome and Patrick O'Connor, pp. 30-42

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Business Chair of Co-operative Enterprises: Undergraduate education programme in a public private partnership

Simon Berge, pp. 43-55

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Short Papers

Co-operative Research network

Amanda Benson, p. 54

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Book Reviews

Mainstreaming co-operation: An alternative for the twenty-first century, by Anthony Webster, Linda Shaw, and Rachael Vorberg-Rugh

Amanda Benson, p. 57

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A people's history of the Woodcraft Folk, by Phineas Harper

Dylan Wilby, pp. 58-59

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