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The Journal of Co-operative Studies is a peer-reviewed international journal published by the UK Society for Co-operative Studies in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Studies in Co-operation (CASC) and the Irish Society for Co-operative Studies.

The editors welcome contributions on co-operative education, management, governance and leadership, and related subject areas of relevance to the co-operative sector. This includes worker, consumer, retail, housing, credit, insurance, information technology, environmental and other forms of co-operative endeavour; international co-operation; and other sectors within the social economy, including mutual businesses, co-operative banks and building societies, community businesses and member-based non-profits.

While one role of the Journal is the dissemination of the results of research, we are keen to ensure that its contents also reflects the role of the UK Society for Co-operative Studies in acting as a bridge between theory and practice in advancing knowledge and understanding of co-operation. Short ‘think pieces’ and articles on ‘new developments’ from co-operative practitioners are welcome.

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